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Those who cannot learn from history are bound to repeat it.  George Santayana

Do you want to know what caused the Great Depression?


"Lessons From The

Great Depression"


By Dr. Thomas Carl Rustici


Capitalism Works Publishing


Perfectbound Paperback or CD

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Endorsements of "Lessons From The Great Depression"


Dr. Walter Williams

John Olin Professor of Economics, George Mason University

I have long awaited Professor Rusticiís treatise on the Great Depression and the wait was worthwhile. Lessons from the Great Depression is now the definitive work that future economic historians will reference. Dr. Rustici effectually demolishes any notions that free market failure caused the Great Depression, or that wise government policy rescued America. The evidence presented in this treatise overwhelming demonstrates that government policies sabotaged the workings of the free market. In short, this is a superb work. I highly recommend it not just out of historical interest but for what it teaches us today and where our current misguided government policies are likely to take this country. If you value freedom, get this book!



Dr. Isaac DiIanni

Assistant Professor of Economics, Northeastern State University

Dr. Rustici teaches a vital lesson on the relevance of trade policy for macroeconomic stability.   The release of this work is especially propitious, at a time when public sentiment includes both apprehension over a Second Coming of the Great Depression, and a panic-induced willingness to embrace the very policies which threaten to bring it about.   In this book Rustici has created a potent antidote to what The Economist has recently referred to as the "return of economic nationalism."






Roger Ream

President, Fund For American Studies

Tom Rustici has a passion for teaching and a commitment to students that is rare in the academic world today. He believes that ideas and the capacity for reason are more powerful than all the nonsense peddled by politicians, pundits, and quack economists who believe central planning is superior to the market process. If every student in America could learn economics from Professor Rustici, our standard of living would be significantly higher than is otherwise the case.